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Hook and Moor

The Hook and Moor device is a MUST for any boat owner that wants to be prepared for any docking situation at any time. Wether your having problems with getting a line on a mooring ball that does not have a pendant on it, or tying up to a dock that has a hard to reach cleat or ring, the Hook and Moor makes these boat handing situations a breeze. Read our reviews and watch the hook and moor video here!

Other companies like West Marine or Amazon are just ship and return. Rhomarine understands the practical uses for this device and how to avoid a jammed mounting clip or other easily rectified issues you will encounter on the high seas learning curve.

Hook and Moor Device

hook and moor

Hook and Moor Video

All boaters have been in situations when approaching a boat dock, or mooring where things are not set up the way we would like them to be. A mooring ball that does not have a line attached to a float, a dock that does have lines on it, or a pier that only offers an out of reach ring to tie on to. 

With the "Hook and Moor" you can handle these scenarios in a safe and easy manner. You can avoid the dreaded "leap onto the dock" to get a line on a cleat, or the "hanging over the bow" to try and slip a line through a mooring ball eye.