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Hook and Moor

The Hook and Moor boat hook device is a MUST for any boat owner that wants to be prepared for any docking situation at any time. Wether you need to get a line on a mooring ball that does not have a pendant on it, or tie up to a dock that has a hard to reach cleat or ring the Hook and Moor makes these boat handing situations a breeze. Watch the hook and moor video here!

Hook and Moor Device

hook and moor

Hook and Moor Demonstration

All boaters have been in situations when approaching a boat dock, or mooring where things are not set up the way we would like them to be. A mooring ball that does not have a line attached to a float, a dock that does have lines on it, or a pier that only offers an out of reach ring to tie on to. 

With the "Hook and Moor" you can handle these scenarios in a safe and easy manner. You can avoid the dreaded "leap onto the dock" to get a line on a cleat, or the "hanging over the bow" to try and slip a line through a mooring ball eye.