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Cyclone Mooring Pendant Bridle Extension

new england ropes cyclone bridle

The Cyclone Mooring Pendant is used in conjunction with a traditional mooring pendant making it the ultimate in storm pendants.

Material: 12-Strand Dyneema® with Cordura® Shafe Sleeve
Color: Blue

The ultimate in mooring pendants, made from out Endura 12 rope, Cyclone Mooring Pendants are comprised of Dyneema® fiber which has extremely high tensile strength and ultra low elongation. The Cyclone Mooring Pendant floats, has an excellent strength-to-size ratio, excellent wet/dry retention, is easily spliced, and has a marine-tech coating which improves abrasion resistance.

Our Cyclone Mooring Pendant is ideal for boats from runabouts to mega yachts.

Cyclone Mooring Pendant Bridle Pricing

Bridle Knot

Most boaters do not put their bridle on correctly! They slip it through the loop which can result in a "sawing" action. Or they use a knot that increases the load and stress on the line as opposed to spreading it evenly. 

At right is the proper way to put your cyclone bridle onto your mooring pendent.